Pick a Candidate (2008)

In 2007, I made a very basic web site that allowed people to fill out their political choices on a number of issues and get a listing of the candidates and how well they matched up against them. This was particularly useful because, at the time, there were a ton of candidates vying for each party’s nomination.

The site is still up in case you want to see how your views stacked against the candidates at the time. At the time, the site got a lot of attention, was referenced quite a bit by the Kucinich presidential campaign. I was interviewed for a number of articles related to it and even did a live interview with Boston City College radio.

One of the more interesting aspects of it was the opportunity to collect tons of data from the hundreds of thousands of form submissions. Here are some stats calculated using a fraction of the data collected (the site amassed a lot more data that I didn’t bother to do anything with).

Most of the page views originated from reddit. At the time, reddit was much more left-leaning even than it is now, so it’s no surprised that the results were deeply in favor of Dennis Kucinich.

Number of times each candidate was ranked first
Overall choices on the various issues